Privacy Policy

The Winemaking Home Page
by Jack Keller of Pleasanton, Texas (just south of San Antone)

The Winemaking Home Page respects your privacy. We do not involuntarily collect personal data on visitors to this web site, but do keep track of the number of total and unique visitors and from where (which URL, search engine or directory) visitors called up our web address. This information is used to check the popularity of various search engines, directory listings, web rings, and link exchange programs. This information is lost after 24 hours and is not retained anywhere or shared with anyone for any purpose.

Visitors may voluntarily provide their names and email addresses to The Winemaking Home Page for the purpose of being notified when portions of the web site are updated. This information is not shared with anyone for any purpose. Click here to be notified when The Winemaking Home Page is updated.

Persons who request winemaking recipes or advice, unless anonymity is specifically requested, will be identified as the requester of such information if the request is posted within The Winemaking Home Page. Click here to request a recipe or winemaking advice.

Last update was November 2nd, 2000.